Summer Mat Class by the Pool at Mogo Pilates

Pilates by the pool? This doesn’t happen in Minnesota, right? Oh sure, you betcha! With clear blue skies and 78 degrees, you would probably think we were in California or Florida not Wayzata, Minnesota. However, our midwest summer has begun and at Mogo Pilates we kicked off our Mat Class by the Pool classes this past Saturday! We had an excellent first class doing intermediate level work with both new and existing clients.

cheers to summer mat class by the pool at mogo pilates!

cheers to summer mat class by the pool at mogo pilates!

What to Expect at Summer Mat Classes by the Pool

As the summer goes on, we welcome people to come to all or come to as many classes that fit into their schedules. This class is meant to be challenging and fun just like our other lessons…but who wouldn’t want to enjoy doing it by a gorgeous pool? The pool area at Mogo Pilates is shaded nicely so too much sun exposure is not an issue. We provide comfortable mats and all the equipment needed for the lesson of that day. We would recommend normal Pilates attire and bringing a water bottle and a towel if desired. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also optional.

The class size is limited to 8 students so our Certified Pilates Teacher can provide individual feedback and support. All levels are welcome and depending on who is in the class the lesson can be modified so everyone can experience a great workout for their own bodies.

A Great Way to Start Pilates

Each class is $20 and packages are available at reduced rates. A package of 10 mat classes is just $150 (that is a $50 savings) and can also be used for other studio mat classes. If you are interested in joining another weekly mat class or taking it up a notch with a Private Lesson, we would love to share more with you. Feel free to ask for a tour of the studio or about how a customized plan and approach to Pilates can help you attain your fitness goals. That is what we are here for…YOU!

Summer schedule for mat class by the pool at mogo pilates. contact to reservce your spot. 

Summer schedule for mat class by the pool at mogo pilates. contact to reservce your spot. 

Reserve Your Spot

Summer goes by quickly and even more so in Minnesota. We hope you will join us on Saturdays and learn more about how Pilates can benefit your overall health and fitness. You will for sure have a great time and meet some positive and welcoming people! We are here to support one another and the community at Mogo is all about inclusiveness and being positive!

We can’t wait until next Saturday for another great mat class by the pool! Please share with all of your friends and contacts who would like to experience Pilates in a fun way. Remember there are only 8 spots per class so to reserve your spot, either email us at or send us a message on social media. See you at the pool!

*In case of weather issues, we will move the class into the studio.

*Our standard cancellation policy is if you need to cancel, please notify us at least 24 hours before the class so we can open it to students on the wait list. If you are unable to cancel in time, we hope you understand that we will have to charge you the normal class rate. We appreciate your communication and will promise to do our best to communicate back with you!