Momentum Fest 2019 Preview

Pilates Workshops – More than just Continuing Education

In Pilates, we take workshops and trainings very seriously. Not only are these great opportunities to continue our education, learn from experts and other Pilates professionals, they are a lot of fun! Now you may think our definition of fun needs a little work, but one thing that is certain for most Pilates teachers is that we are never done learning. The curiosity and passion that we have for all thing’s movement is the catalyst to staying up to date with the latest thoughts and practices and gives us more tools to help our clients with their Pilates journey’s and ultimately a healthier life.

2nd Annual Momentum Fest – A Three Day Pilates Festival

At Mogo, it is no secret that Victoria and Katie have been to quite a few workshops this year and have more coming up which we will be featuring in upcoming blogs. One that we are excited about is Momentum Fest 2019 in Denver, Colorado which is all about rolling out our mats and having FUN! This will be the second year of the three-day Pilates festival which is both teachers and practitioners! Last year the lineup of presenters was incredible, and each class offered unique movement and theory. We won’t lie to you though, we were on our mats from 8a-5p each day with a break for lunch. Yet, we can say that we have never been more energized!

Momentum Fest is for BOTH Teachers and Practitioners

Hundreds of participants came from all over the country and even several international guests flew to be a part of the fun. The energy and camaraderie were something that can only be experienced in a similar festival like setting. Everyone was open to connecting and supported one another with encouragement and friendship! We left with so many new contacts who we consider to be friends.

To watch a short video from Momentum Fest 2018 - click here!

(Scroll down until you see video prompt on Momentum Fest website. You will see Katie and Victoria in the beginning, too!)

Get your Momentum Fest Tickets Early

Tickets for Momentum Fest are now available, and we highly recommend getting yours early as it will more than likely sell out quickly! We have included links below to purchase tickets, learn more about the festival, and other helpful information.   

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Where and When is Momentum Fest

Momentum Fest Presenters (will be announced in late 2018)

Other FAQs for Momentum Fest

We will be sharing our experience and photos from Momentum Fest 2019 so stay tuned for more!