A Student's Guide to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in your college years: The Truth

With exams, classes, internships, and difficult life decisions constantly on the brain, it can be tough to find time to want to make a nice thanksgiving meal while you are in college. But no fret. Thanksgiving has become easier and easier with the help of 5 minute stuffing, crescent rolls, and good company. Thanksgiving with friends, or “friendsgiving” is still very possible on the college budget and schedule.

The Food:


The most important things to consider for a Thanksgiving among students is quick, easy, and cheap. So, my friends and I decided on cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, turkey from the supermarket and 5 minute stuffing and mashed potatoes. This made the cooking process much quicker, so more free time cook be spent among friends. For desert, we decided on a quick pumpkin pie with vanilla bean ice cream to top off the night. I can definitely say our stomachs were full!

The Final product of our yummy food!

The Final product of our yummy food!

The Friends:

The most important part of a Friends-giving, the friends! This day is meant for spending time with loved ones, whether that be family or college roommates. Food always seems to bring people together! My friends from church, Kappa Delta, and class all gathered together for a fun night of food and conversation to celebrate the family within friends!


The Games:

One extra fun part that we added to our Thanksgiving tradition was a few games of “headband” and “ What do you meme?”. We had a blast with the silly guessing games and pictures of What do you meme.

Remember to keep your Thanksgiving centered around family, friends, food, and most of all giving THANKS. We are so thankful for all of you here at Mogo, and we hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving!