How To: Pilates in College

Pilates in College

Recently, Mogo has gotten some new, younger clients who are either preparing to start college, or will be in the future. 

This week, we wanted to spend some time giving ideas on how to continue your Pilates practice while in College! These tips could also be used during travel, working from home, or simply anytime you are away from the studio! 

1. Make a personalized mat routine with Victoria!

Each of our Pilates journeys is at a different stage, so if you are on your way to college, create a personalized mat routine with Victoria! With specific modifications just for you, certain exercises that you enjoy, and the perfect amount of time will allow you to practice your Pilates any day wherever you go! Videotape the mat routine, and you’ll never forget it! Plus, adjustments or additions can be made throughout the year to make sure you are growing in your practice. A Skype lesson is a great way to do this!

2. Magic Circle= New Best Friend 

Although it’s quite impossible to carry reformers to college, you’ll always have your trusty magic circle to challenge your muscles and help you become stronger! Keep it under your bed, by your desk, or in your closet, and pull it out for some quick  leg/arm pulsing in your free time! There are so many variations of workouts that you can do with a magic circle, you can always ask Victoria or check our Pilates articles to keep your exercises changing! Also, you could add in magic circle exercises within your personalized mat routine!

At the end of this blog, we have included a “Basic 5 Using Magic Circle” video! This set is a great one to do while in college or out of town alongside your mat routine.

  • The Hundred: 100 reps

  • Roll Up: 5-8 reps

  • Single Leg Circle: 5 each

  • Rolling Like a Ball: 5-8 reps

  • Spine Stretch: 5-8 reps

3. Follow along with the Mogo Pilates Blogs!

Every few weeks, Mogo does a Pilates related blog on new movements, along with explanations, pictures, and videos. These can be super beneficial while in college to be able to follow along with exactly how to do an exercise!

4. Drop by some other studios, Pilates love all around!

Whether you’re out of town for college, a vacation, or any type of trip, it can be fun to try out some new Pilates Studios while away from Mogo! This would be especially beneficial for college students who are away from home for longer periods. This way, you can continue to practice while you are away! If you are wondering on where to drop in in certain areas, you can always let Victoria know, and she can help with the research on different studios! (She does this all the time!)

We hope this blog was beneficial to continuing your practice while out of town for any duration! Planning ahead even in the slightest can help continue your practice and keep in good shape when out of town. Victoria is a great resource for creating a personalized mat routine and finding awesome studios in different areas! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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