How To: Create a Pilates Journal

Creating a Pilates Journal

Creating a Pilates journal, tracking your progress, and staying on top of your lessons can not only allow you to grow in your practice, but stay up to date on your workouts!

Whether you are working towards a more consistent Pilates schedule, mastering a new move, or simply want to track your lessons, making a Pilates Journal can be extremely helpful!

Much like 5 minute journaling or bullet journaling, creating a Pilates journal will allow you to see what you have accomplished each day, and reflect on each of your lessons. This can be very inspirational when working towards a new goal! 

Some journaling is more to the point, while some journaling requires more reflection. Today, we are giving you three options of journaling your Pilates Journey. These are just basic options! You can mix and match them all, add your own touch, or even opt to journal online! Whichever option works best for you IS best for you!

Pilates journal: Workout Edition

  • This type of journaling is geared more towards focusing on documenting the workout that Pilates provides rather than the effect on the soul. Simply stating what you did for each workout, which exercises gave you the best burn, or which exercises need more work is what this option is for!

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Pilates Journal: Reflection/Movement/Stretch

  • This type of journaling can serve as a source of meditation. Reflecting on how a lesson made you are your body feel, your soreness or tightness levels, and how the movement felt can help you become more intune with your body and your practice.

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Pilates journal: Calendar 

  • This type of journaling is simply used to keep record of what you did during each of your lessons. Set up more likes calendar, you record day by day what you did to improve your Pilates, whether from a lesson or on your own at home!


Not wanting to use paper? Try a journaling app!

Journaling from your phone can be just as beneficial as using a paper journal. There are so many free apps to try out and determine which type would be best for you! You can even choose to use both so you never miss a day of reflection over your Pilates lessons.

Some options we’ve heard are good:

  • Day One Journal

  • My Wonderful Days Journal

  • Gym Journal

Hopefully, with the use of journaling, we may all become more mindful within our workouts, and focus on personal improvement!

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