Business Owner- Desktop Essentials and Closet Cleanout

Reorganizing, getting rid of the old, and rebooting

Sometimes, chaos can occur slowly. Over this past year, Mogo has been so busy with clients, social media, updating the studio, family life, and personal growth. With so much going on, the workspace slowly became somewhat of a “Hot mess”, and was very overwhelming when trying to work!

The summer can be the best time to regroup and become inspired in your passions again. A lot of people like to say “get fit for the summer” or “do so and so to get ready for the summertime”, but sometimes the summer is the best time to do this recharging! Over the past few weeks, we have gone through every single desk drawer, every single inch of the Pilates closets, and reorganized to the point of relaxation! It feels like a brand new work space, and has inspired us so much to continue with our organization to help the growth of our teaching!

Today, we wanted to go through some tips of how to reorganize, and decide what things you truly don’t need in your desk and closet.

Number 1: The Work Desk

This was possibly the toughest area to truly and fully organize. Being a Pilates instructor and a business owner, there are SO many client papers, exercise booklets, worksheet, education, books, etc. that I need to have organized and ready for me to grab at any second of the day. So, the first thing we did was completely empty the top of the desk and all of the drawers. We found a lot of no longer needed papers, random notecards, and lots of things that are not work related! So we took out everything that wasn’t needed, and started separating everything into piles of client sheets, education booklets, business papers, etc. For most of the papers, we organized everything into a Russell and Hazel File box, that we decided to leave on top of the desk for easy access.

mogo organize.jpg

Next, we organized all of our Pilates books in the top corner of the desk, to grab for when creating blogs, or preparing for a new client!

mogo organizingg.jpg

Victoria often switches from working on the desk to working at the kitchen table, so we found an acrylic tray from Russell and Hazel for her to put work essentials on and carry from room to room!

mogo organize organize.jpg

The main section that always stays on the desk is an acrylic series of drawers where we organized notepads, more papers, smaller exercise equipment, and some desk tools.This really helps keep everything in place and makes sure that everything has a home! Plus, we love that it is clear so Victoria can see in every drawer when she is looking for something! We also set out another tray to hold notepads, scissors, etc.

mogo organizinggggg.jpg
mogo organizinggg.jpg

For drawer organization, it really depends on each persons job/life on how best to organize. We have drawers for: camera equipment, thank you cards, extra notepads, and extra pilates equipment. This part is totally up to you!

Having a clear desk space can give you a clear headspace, and will really help rebooting your energy and inspiration for your work! We really recommend getting rid of everything you truly don’t need, whether through donating or recycling. This will clear your space even more.

Number 2: The closets

The studio closet… was a tough one. But one we wanted to conquer. We started out taking everything out that wasn’t Pilates related. Books, family things, and trinkets that could be moved elsewhere. Then, we organized everything based on importance! Things we used the most, like magic circles, balls, and wedges were put up front and center for easy access.

Closet Before:

Mogo before closet.jpg

Closet After!

Every object has a home, making for a clean and well organized space for all of our equipment!

Every object has a home, making for a clean and well organized space for all of our equipment!

Taking the time to clean out our work space and class space has made the days flow much more easily! We finally know where everything is, and where everything should be. We highly encourage taking the time to go through your own area, whether for work, school, or simply life. It has the ability to clear a space in your head that could be utilized for so many other things!

We hope this blog inspired you to regroup your own areas and reboot your inspiration and creativity within your own life!

With Love

Your MOGO team