Double Leg Stretch

Double Leg Stretch – Pilates Exercise

It’s time to double the work! Next up in the “Stomach Series” on the mat is Double Leg Stretch. This exercise follows Single Leg Stretch and is just as it sounds…double! If your abs aren’t already feeling the burn, you are sure to find challenge and results with this belly buster! The more pulled together you are the smoother and easier this move will be.

Benefits of Double Leg Stretch

  • Intense core strengthening and toning

  • Encourages oppositional energy

  • Full body integration

  • Provides opportunity for deep exhalation

  • Enhances precision and timing

How to Perform Double Leg Stretch

1. Begin lying on your back and scoop your belly in and curl your head, neck and

shoulders towards your knees. Hands are holding shins.

2. Inhale and lengthen both of your legs straight out. Reach your arms up towards your

head, with your arms and legs reaching as far away from one another. Keep your upper

body lifted and belly lifting in and up. Watch so that your low back doesn’t arch off the mat.

3. On the next breath, begin exhaling as you draw your legs and arms into the center of

your body placing your hands on your shins.

4. Repeat up to 10 times.

Modifications for Double Leg Stretch

  • Reduce reps

  • Adjust the height of your arms and legs when you lengthen out. It’s easier to keep arms and legs higher. As you get stronger, you can begin lowering the angle.

  • Keep knees slightly bent if the hamstrings are too tight.

Video of Double Leg Stretch