New Years Resolutions 2019

Reaching your 2019 Resolutions

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Whatever your goals may be this upcoming season, there are some beneficial steps and tips to take to help you along your journey:

First. I would suggest that your first goal of the upcoming year is to learn to believe in yourself. You may never be able to reach your goals if you don’t at first believe that you can achieve it. Whether you are striving to reach a new Pilates level, cook more healthily, begin journaling, or spend more time with family, you must believe and know that you are able to accomplish these things.

Second, it is helpful to keep yourself accountable. Let your family and friends know what your goals are this upcoming season! ask them to help in anyway they can to reach your goal. If you are working towards eating more healthily, ask your family to try eating healthy with you! if you are working towards perfecting a new pilates move, find a fellow pilates buddy to work on it with, or ask any Mogo worker for aid. Your friends and family want to see you reach your goals, use them for help!

A fun activity to do throughout goal setting and achieving is journaling. It allows you to fully see how far you’ve come since the first of the year. Whether you track your emotions, emphasize minor achievements through the process, or create daily goal reaching checklists, journaling can help keep you motivated throughout your personal goal achieving process, and it can also be a fun moment at the end of your journey once you’ve reached your goal.

Staying positive in the midst of goal setbacks is such an important part in being able to fully reach your goals. If we quit after each minor setback, no one would achieve their dreams! Positivity also goes along with believing in yourself. If you believe that you can reach your end goal, and stay positive in your abilities, there is nothing holding you back from gaining your new achievement! If you are feeling disheartened about reaching your goal, friends, family, and even Mogo are always their to keep you positive in your abilities.

Positivity, accountability, and progressional tracking, are all such important components of reaching your goals this upcoming year. You, CAN do this! You have a whole team of people rooting for you. If you need help, guidance, or motivation to keep going, know that Mogo is always here to help! Just reach out! We can’t wait to see what our clients accomplish this upcoming year.


Mogo is also working on setting new goals for 2019 right along side you! As a part of our accountability strategy, we would like to share with you what our goals are for the upcoming year.

  • Attend Momentum Fest

    We are planning on attending the 2019 Momentum Fest June 21-23. We are very excited to attend this fun festival that is open to teachers and students. Our goal for this trip is to have fun and share Pilates! We want to meet new teachers and people!

  • “Fitness after baby” workshop (pelvic floor)

    After Momentum Fest, we are planning on staying for a Continuing ed workshop to focus on women’s health and fitness after having a baby. This workshop focusses on pelvic floor, which is one of our main research goals for 2019!

  • Learn more about pelvic floor fitness

    This is the studio’s biggest goal for the upcoming year. Pelvic floor fitness is not just focused on post baby, but overall women’s health. Victoria is currently taking online courses from Core Exercise Solutions, learning all she can to help YOU!

    Last years focus was nutrition, this years focus is pelvic floor!


    A Pilates foot program by Ilaria Cavagna that works on foot health. Victoria is currently working on her certification, and should be finished with certification by early 2019.

  • Find a better work/life balance

    Working towards separating our work life from our family life is a big achievement we will be working towards this year.

  • taking time to be grateful or joyful more often. setting aside time to give thanks to friends and family and appreciate those around us!

Lastly, we just want to say THANK YOU to our amazing clients and friends who continue to support us and our dreams! You keep us inspired and motivated to continue this journey!

Victoria, Katie, Caro, and Heidi