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Healthful Living + Mindful Eating

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You have the power to prevent most chronic diseases and lift your spirit. How? By eating healthy meals made from real foods, in reasonable quantity, and getting enough exercise. Join Mogo Pilates and Catherine Marble Nutrition this summer for a special educational series!

In this series, we will question what do we eat: how engineered food has taken over our supermarkets. Then will ask the question: How do we eat? it does matter as much as the food we eat. We eat not only out of hunger, but for emotional fulfillment. We will discuss why home cooking is in free fall and how cooking can change our life. 

Finally, we will look at the wisdom of other people around the world, and share homemade appetizers, together to illustrate how food is also about pleasure and community.

  • May - September - 1 x month 
  • Limited to 8 people
  • $35 per session
  • At Mogo Pilates

 1st Session - Wednesday, May 30th at 7:30-9p at Mogo Pilates

Topic: "What do we eat? How engineered food has changed our food culture"

RSVP: Email by 5/25/18.