Becoming a Pilates Teacher Pt. 2

I’m in a CPR class today and I was told by the instructor that I have very impressive compressions. I told him that it is because I do Pilates and that I am thinking about my spine and core! - Emilee, Client

The above text came a few weeks ago from one of my clients who is new to Pilates. There are so many things about what she wrote that makes me excited. First of all, this is what Pilates does. It makes us more aware of our body and how we can function better so that we can do daily tasks more efficiently. Secondly, I love when my clients have that “ah ha” moment and realize this for themselves. Whether it is how they are sitting at their desk or while driving their car, they can distinguish when they are engaged and make an adjustment to align their shoulders, tone their core, or release unnecessary tension.

Additionally, this text represents not only changes happening within her but for me as well in the training program. I feel like I have experienced many of my own "ah ha" moments and have grown in my ability to encourage and motivate my clients to feel movement and strength in their bodies that wasn’t there before. I have completed over 600 hours of the Advanced Teacher Training program with approximately 300 hours remaining. I am practicing and studying over 500 different exercises on the Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Barrels, Chairs, etc. This has been pivotal in my understanding of how the repertoire is so uniquely valuable to each body. I have completed over 200 hours of teaching and I feel like it is all starting to weave together as I see great progress in my clients’ bodies. Not to mention, I am so energized by the people who I get to interact with. All my clients are so committed to their own practice and goals for their bodies. How lucky am I to have such a special part in their lives? Thank you again to all of those who are continuing to go along with me on this journey!

The past few months I have wrapped up my case study, completed my practice exams which included both teaching and performance. The pressure has been high but I feel like I am going deeper with the practice and understanding of the nuances. With only two months left of the training program I am getting excited for the last steps to graduate. Along with continuing my own lessons with Victoria, Michelle, and Debora I will continue to observe and teach. I have three exams left including a written essay, and final teaching and performance exam. It is remarkable to think that this year and training program is almost over. Yet as I said before, this is just the beginning for more great things to come and lessons to learn!