Celebrating Momentum Fest and The Pilates Center

Victoria and I traveled to Denver, CO to celebrate my recent graduation of the Advanced Teacher Training Program from The Pilates Center in Boulder and to participate in the inaugural Momentum Fest, a three-day Pilates Festival. We didn’t know what to expect other than to be open and during this experience there were three quotes that encouraged more thought about the journey of life, where we are, and the experience we all want.

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To be a great teacher you need to be in open discovery mode, on your own constant personal journey to profound health. There is no other path.
— Amy Taylor Alpers

Our first stop was The Pilates Center. We started the morning off with the Intermediate Mat Class with Co-Founder, Rachel Taylor Segel, and then had a Private Duet with Master Teacher, Debora Kolwey, doing Eve Gentry work. Both experiences were fantastic and Victoria and I left with new ideas to bring back to our clients and our own personal workouts. The studio was very welcoming, and the level of professionalism was second to none. I’m proud to be in this great group of teachers and am already looking forward to my next visit to continue my training even as a post-grad. 

I’m exactly where I need to be. Hell yes!
— Jenna Zaffino
Momentum Fest Ambassadors

Mogo Pilates, Victoria and I were honored to serve as Ambassadors for Momentum Fest. It was easy to spread the message as its core values very much aligned with what Mogo stands for…positivity, inclusivity, and Pilates. We were excited to meet the other Ambassadors as we had fun getting connected via social media. Many of us felt like we already knew one another even though it was our first-time meeting face to face.

All the presenters were gracious and engaging. It was very apparent that each one came prepared with classes and content to challenge both the mind and body. We took over 16 hours of classes throughout the three days and some were high intensity (ala Grace Hurry and her snappy Brit Pop class) while others were gentle (as gentle as it gets when you breathe with Jenna Zaffino) and many thought provoking (we’ve never arched, curled, or stretched like we did with Trina Altman). Each class and teacher brought something different and yet they all complimented one another beautifully. The founders, Jessica Valant, and her husband, Brian, put their heart and soul into this event. They had their young children with them which set the tone right from the beginning. This was a family affair and we bet that everyone left feeling like they were a part of the Momentum Fest family.

By stretching our bodies in different ways, we were able to open our minds to new thoughts, cues, and images. This was truly so much fun and even though we were sweaty and exhausted it was the best kind. We feel very fortunate to be able to teach Pilates and that our day is filled with encouraging our students to move and breath more. This weekend we were able to do just that. There was no expectation to perform or do the exercises perfectly. We had the permission to play and explore our curiosity.

There was no agenda this weekend but something that we kept repeating was that we are where we need to be right now, doing what we love and what our bodies and minds need. This is what Pilates can do and what Momentum Fest accomplished with hundreds of people who just met from all over the WORLD. This community has existed for a long time, but Momentum Fest gave us all the opportunity to gather in one place and share our love for Pilates and one another.

We couldn’t agree more with this final thought to sum it up…

This IS the experience we all want...encouraging / thoughtful / welcoming / humble. It’s that special.
— James Crader

See you next year!

Katie + Victoria

Photos from the 2018 Momentum Fest - A Three Day Pilates & Movement Celebration featuring Mogo Pilates, presenters, and new friends from all over the world! Located in Denver, CO.