Client Spotlight: Margaret- National Scoliosis Awareness Month!

Interview with Our Scoliosis Client: Margaret

Since June is Scoliosis Awareness month, we decided to interview our very own Margaret, and ask her some questions about how Pilates has helped her scoliosis! Margaret is a new mom, busy with work, her family, and her husband, and still manages to come to MogoPilates three times a week to work on her scoliosis with Victoria.

Interview Questions:

How long have you been practicing pilates?

I have been practicing Pilates for roughly 6 to 7 years. I started at Mogo, and I am still continuing here!

When I first started, there were exercises I couldn’t do at all, like Swedish bars, but now I am able to do leg circles with them! Victoria breaks down exercises that are traditionally for advance clients and reshapes them into exercises to stretch and strengthen my muscles.

We have been working on Hanging Up and using the pulling up part to strengthen my arms and the part where my hips hang down lengthens my spine. I have now gained control when putting feet on hanging bar which is a difficult part of the exercise!

What is your favorite part about pilates?

Pilates has allowed me to work on lengthening my spine and strengthening my core muscles for my scoliosis while also enjoying the work. I always dreaded having to go to physical therapy, but I don’t dread coming here! I have been able to build relationships with people who I know are truly involved in my life and want to see me succeed.

How long have you been going to Mogo? What is your favorite part?

I have been going to Mogo my whole Pilates career. My mother looked into yoga to help with my scoliosis, but she read more on Pilates and decided we were going to try it together. My mom doesn’t have scoliosis, but she wanted to support me and go to my lessons with me. After first going to Mogo, she soon realized that I would benefit more from having privates, so Victoria could focus all her attention on my alignment. I am so grateful that my mom has supported me, without her I may have never found Mogo Pilates!

My favorite part about Mogo is that my back feels so much better when I am able to keep up with my Pilates. Victoria makes my lessons so fun, and although the work is hard, it is still joyful for me.

What is your Favorite mat exercise?

I enjoy elongating exercises, because they help with my scoliosis. I also enjoy side leg work such as side leg kicks, but Victoria helps me modify these for my back.

I also enjoy the Full Hang exercise on the cadillac. My son Grayson comes with to all my lessons, and he sure gets a giggle out of this one.


What is your favorite reformer exercise?

All of them! We modify reformer exercises by wedging, and also use general modifications like not lifting my head so I am able to do the exercises safely for my back.

I used to hate the hundreds when I started, but it has turned into a favorite of mine. Somehow they feel easier after I had Grayson, how crazy! We use specific warm ups before hundreds to fire low abdominals which is some of our postpartum work.

What do you like to do other than pilates?

I love to spend time with family, my son Grayson, and spend quality time with friends and family. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

How has pilates impacted your scoliosis?

Pilates helps reduce my pain level for sure. My chiropractor still thinks I do his exercises because he has seen a difference in my back! Little does he know that it has all been because of my regular Pilates lessons. Pilates has made my muscles stronger to support my spine, and has helped with my breathing. We do a lot of breath work for scoliosis. Breathing exercises are also key for postpartum so all of our breath work helped me recover from diastasis recti.

Do you use scolio pilates to help with Grayson?

Now that i’ve matured, scoliosis is just a part of who I am and I can adapt it to everyday life. I focus on standing poster when I carry Grayson, and I switch him from hip to hip to help with my back. I mainly carry him on my right hip for the scoliosis but Victoria has me carrying him on my left hip 20% of the time to help for some balance and I am still able to protect my back. I have also learned to take him in and out of car instead of taking him out with the carseat because it’s better for my back. Overall, Pilates has flowed into my everyday life, and has helped me focus on caring for my back in everyday situations.

Thank you Margaret for allowing us to interview you for Scoliosis Awareness Month!

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Your Mogo Team