The Pilates Basic 5 Exercise Routine

Basic Five Pilates Exercises

The Basic Five Pilates exercises are a part of our everyday life at Mogo Pilates. Whether we do them in a class or we encourage it as someone’s homework, these exercises provide a fundamental and efficient way to build strength and skills for any Pilates practitioner. We have put together a helpful video demonstrating the five basic Pilates exercises that Joseph Pilates created for everyone to do. Each exercise can be modified up or down. The most important takeaway is that every body can and should know these exercises for a healthier and happier life. Joseph Pilates even believed that if everyone could do these five exercises each day that we would all be healthier and ultimately have more world peace.

What are the Basic Five Pilates Exercises?

1.    Hundred

2.    Roll Up

3.    Single Leg Circle

4.    Rolling Like a Ball

5.    Spine Stretch

Benefits of the Basic Five Pilates Exercises

·      Full body workout

·      Increased circulation and breath

·      Reduce tension and promote relaxation

·      Decompress the spine

·      Creates mind to body awareness


Video of Basic Five Pilates Exercises 

View a video demonstration of the Basic Five Pilates exercises. For modifications or refreshers, go back to our previous blog posts focusing on each exercise.

Pilates Workout at Home 

Some days it may be easier than others to get a workout in with the hectic schedules that is now the norm. A great place to start is the Basic Five. You can usually get 2-3 reps of the Basic Five Pilates exercises in 10-15 minutes. All you need is your mat and you can either have it be relaxing and restorative with focus on fluidity and breath. Or you can increase the intensity with emphasis on precision, control and pace. These exercises can be easy or difficult depending on how you apply yourself. 

Quick Pilates Workout when Traveling 

Joseph Pilates believed in taking control of your own workout. On the days that you are not able to take a class or lesson with your Certified Pilates Teacher, start with incorporating the Basic Five into your home or traveling Pilates routine. Again, all you need is a mat or towel to soften the floor. It won’t take you long to find your flow with the Basic Five. Challenge yourself by taking time to do each exercise and as they become easier you can deliberately increase the intensity and pace. 

Give yourself Grace

Remember to give yourself grace when just starting out, if you have limited time or if you are just having a tough day. The most important thing to tell yourself is that any movement is better than zero moment. The Basic Five Pilates exercises are meant to challenge you where you are at in your Pilates journey. Have fun playing with these whole body exercises and stay tuned for the next challenge…the Basic 10 Pilates exercises!