Heidi's Spring Break Trip: Santa Rosa Beach Florida

The Best Things to Do in Santa Rosa and Neighboring Beaches

Hi everyone! In todays blog, I wanted to give a recap of my spring break trip to Santa Rosa! This was my first time back to the beach in 12 years, and it was the most amazing week. I went with 10 of my friends from school, and we stayed in an amazing airbnb just off the 30A Highway.

group in front of house.jpg

Throughout the trip, we decided to visit four different beaches, because Santa Rosa is in the middle of some really amazing places. We visited Blue Mountain Beach, Seaside, Panama City Beach, and Destin!

In Panama City, we spend the evening walking around Pier Park, shopping, and grabbing dinner! We also went down to the boardwalk to watch the sunset over the beach. This place was absolutely incredible, and I wish we would have spent more time here!

We went to Seaside for two different days. The first day, we spent our time walking around, looking at the amazing houses, the Seaside school, and all the different shops. We grabbed coffee at Amavida Coffee Roasters, and sat at the beach watching the ocean. Seaside feels like a whole separate world! Every building is bright and colorful. The second day we went to seaside, we decided to actually lay out and spend some time at the beach.

While in Destin, we visited some friends who were also on spring break, played volleyball on the beach, and shopped around the Destin commons!

In Blue Mountain beach, which is a short walk from Santa Rosa, we layed out, played beach games, and I worked on some March Matness Pilates!

Pilates on the Beach

Pilates on the Beach

Most days of the trip, though, we decided to walk around our own beach area, and hang around the air bnb! In the mornings, a friend of mine and I loved to run down to the beach, watch the waves for a while, and run back. We also loved using our slow mornings to walk to the BEST coffee place in Santa Rosa, called Badass Coffee. This place was adorable and was located in a shopping and food strip.

coffee run.jpg

My best friend Hailey and I also loved to spend the mornings on our deck reading and drinking coffee.

hailey in front of house.jpg

During a few of our nights at the house, we decided to all make food together and sit at the dining table. Pasta was the obvious dinner consensus.

For our last night in Santa Rosa, we decided to walk to the beach and watch the sunset for one last time. This trip went by so fast, but it was so amazing to spend an entire week relaxing and having fun with my friends. Being able to also visit four other beaches made the trip so much more fun, since it was my first time back in so long!

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing a snippet of my time in Santa Rosa! It was such a fun trip with such amazing friends, but I am glad to be back in Fayetteville !

Pilates On!