Shamrock N' Roll: Kappa Delta Philanthropy Event Happening THIS WEEK!

Heidi’s Sorority Philanthropy Event

Hi everyone! I hope the week has been going well for you all. Today I wanted to talk about the amazing event that my sorority is hosting to benefit our philanthropy.

The Philanthropy:


Nationally, Kappa Delta supports Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA), who promotes the healthy development of children, and strives to prevent child abuse before it can occur. PCAA uses innovative services to lay a proper foundation for children’s growth that may prevent serious problems from occurring in the future.

Aside from raising money for Prevent Child Abuse America, the Zeta Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta also donates to the Children’s Safety Center, which is more local to us in Springdale, Arkansas. The CSC was created to help prevent further trauma that the children might endure during the processes of investigation, prosecution and treatments. This philanthropy is really special to us, because we are able to directly see how the money we raise is supporting the children in our community. Although we are not able to meet with the kids for safety reasons, we are able to visit the Center and see the amazing new facilities and technologies they have been able to create because of our donations. The handprint photo above is from the Children’s Safety Center. The handprint represents an emotional story of recovery, and each Child that is helped by the CSC gets to pick out colors and make their own handprint on the walls of the Child Safety Center.

The Event:

This year, I have the honor of being one of the Shamrock Co Chairs! My other cochair and I get to assist the VP of Community Service with planning the event, decorations, food, prices, event activities, tickets, and so much more!

For Shamrock N’ Roll, we decided to have a classic burger and fries dinner, with desserts at the end! Because we are currently building our new house, the event is being held at a central location on campus, which we believe will help a lot with attendance rates. Along with the dinner, we are having a live, local Fayetteville band, a basket raffle with local food gift cards and prizes, and a station to make goody bags for the kids at the Children’s Safety Center!

We really tried to make this event as unique and entertaining as possible, so with our multiple activities and fun banners and photo backgrounds, we hope it will be a great success!

Here are some photos from last years event!

Here are some photos from last years event!

Photos courtesy of Kappa Delta Zeta Gamma Chapter

Photos courtesy of Kappa Delta Zeta Gamma Chapter

How you can help:

If you are feeling inclined to donate to our amazing philanthropies, PCAA and the CSC, I will add a link down below for you to do so. Donations are not necessary, but are so welcomed!

I am so thankful to have Mogo Pilates to be able to share my passions and events with you all!

Have a happy week!

- Heidi

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