Nutrition on the run: Pilates teachers, college students, any busy people!

With a very busy 2019 coming up, we decided to focus a blog on quick snacks and meals that can be used to stay healthy while on the go. Many of these we like to use on a weekly basis, such as the cookie dough balls, meal prepped oatmeal, and smoothies! Give them a try for your new year!

Quick Snacks:

One of Victoria and my favorite cookbooks, Oh She Glows, has the best cookie dough energy balls made from the most simple ingredients! Believe me when I tell you, these energy balls actually taste like DESSERT. They are so addicting and so filling that they are a must for your next snack break.

Quick Tip: Leaving the balls in the freezer will make them last longer and makes them taste even better!

  • Go macro bars

Gomacro bars have quickly become one of my favorite snacks to keep me full throughout the day. They have wholesome ingredients, a high protein content, and a high calcium and iron content to easily get in some vitamins and minerals while snacking! These bars also contain a good amount of healthy fats to keep you full and energized for your next workout!

  • Fruit!

Possibly the easiest snack that offers energy, macronutrients, micronutrients, and complete yumminess!

Meal Preppers:

  • Oats recipes

Before Victoria starts her week, she makes a large pot of oats, and distributes servings into different containers for each day. Then, all she has to do during the week is add her toppings and go! She loves doing this because it makes her mornings flow better, and she is still able to eat a healthy breakfast with a crazy schedule. Doing this for your breakfast can making mornings fun, as well. One week could be a vanilla cinnamon oat recipe, while another could be a chocolate oats recipe. It is all up to you and your preferred taste!

  • Roasted vegetables and rice

Meal prepping heaps of roasted vegetables and cooked rice is another great way to keep your nutrition in mind while having a busy schedule. Then, all you need to do is add protein, condiments, or greens and you’re good to go! This can also be helpful when reaching the expiration date of veggies. You can roast them all at once and have them throughout the week without having to waste any!

mogo veggies.jpg


One idea that we have found throughout Pinterest is to meal prep smoothie ingredients (like bananas, berries, and veggies) and keep them in individual smoothie containers in the freezer. Then, all you’ll need to do is throw the ingredients in the blender, add liquid, and you’re done! Having all the ingredients ready and in one bag makes the morning breakfast or mid afternoon snack much quicker, while still contributing nutrients and energy!

mogo design.jpg

There are so many ways to try to stay on track with a healthy diet, even with a busy schedule. Meal prepping snacks, smoothies, and meals can make the process so much easier, and keep you focussed on your main tasks throughout the week, rather than spending too much time worrying about food. Hopefully these ideas can spark your interest and inspire you to make easier, yet still healthy choices for your week!

As always, Happy Eating!